You may wonder why someone loves life, business, and family and has a fear list.

The truth is, I do. Top of my list is a mental hurry. And because it is a fear, it proves to be destructive energy. So I continually stare it in the face.

What is on your list? Probably not a mental hurry, but something.

I recently discovered the title mental hurry; I always knew what it was but had not put a name to it. Found it, though, in a book published in the late 1800s. Gee, they had a mental hurry then too!

Sure, my thoughts are continually engaged in doing, listening, telling, or planning, which can be a mental meltdown. Because I sometimes wonder if I missed something. Did someone or some idea or opportunity slip past amid busy thoughts?

And my blood pressure rises.

The key that I know is this; when done in an orderly way, all situations produce harmony inside and out.

My kids tell me, “Mom, you gotta deal,” and now is one of those times that I believe I will. I will deal by giving myself a few directed minutes every day to make a list of what I am working on and visualize/a mental picture/see good results. By making a list, my thoughts fall in order and slow down.

What is at the top of your fear list? Mental hurry? Maybe, or something different. No matter, make a list, visualize/mental picture/see good results, and chaos becomes a distant memory.



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