A few years ago, I had a friend, Jean, who had this eye-thing going on. We initially met at a Toastmasters meeting, and when it was her turn to talk, she had everyone turn to the person on the right and look into their eyes for 2 minutes.

She set a timer.

The first time, what a long 2 minutes! But we, in the club, were soon familiar with the exercise and even began to like it.

Jean has passed, but this legacy of eye-watching and eye-seeing a person remains with me.

I call it the billboard face, and the best part is that we all it. It is our face, shining from a billboard for others to see.

Today, at lunch, I passed over the woman who waited on me, no eye to eye contact, what-so-ever, and I dismissed her without a thought. But now, I realize I blew the chance of making a connection with such a simple gesture as eye-to-eye contact.

Jean would not be happy.

I complicated this with rushing, checking texts, and mind hurriedness — me in a nutshell.

I aim to change. The first step is recognition, like today’s lunch, and I am all in and prepared for the next opportunity to make an eye connection.

I understand what Jean was putting out there for me to master.

Faces and eyes are billboards to hearts.

Jean left me a red heart painting. No surprise there.

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Marleen Geyen

The best part of me shows up in my writing about business ownership, leadership, family, personal relationships, travel and what I learn from human interaction.