I come from the place of yes. Yes, we can do that. Yes, that works for me. Yes, I will be there. Yes, we will make it work.

And lucky for me, the people I work with adapt to this mindset.

This yes place was our savior during the last couple of years. You can bet on a full-house that our forward-leaning mindset had a real workout when covid arrived. Then “what to do” became a constant rewind in daily decisions.

The business was dog-paddling already, and then our good accounts were frozen with inactivity. The push needed to look around and find another resource for us to make money.

We sat at the boardroom table and talked about what to do. Everyone joined in with ideas and experience and what’s what. I was totally transparent with how the dollars were being spent. Always, leading with “staff gets paid first” as our company’s strength and foundation.
We tossed service ideas back and forth and came up with a few that we believed would fit.

After the meeting, I began the search for the fit. First, I met with business brokers to ask what service accounts were out there, and I checked Craigslist and BuySell, and a few other sites where small business owners advertised their business.

I was on a mission, and the mission’s timeline was yesterday.

We did it. We found what we were looking for and added another service by buying accounts and learning on the job. As a result, we changed work schedules, added equipment, focused on labor and material costs, and got through the worst of the worst pandemic.

We changed, the business changed, accounts changed, and today we are further ahead in our place of yes. We said yes to new business, yes to irregular hours, yes to wages, yes to out of comfort zone, yes to adding more.

Today we cannot return to once was, that is for sure, and would not want to.



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Marleen Geyen

Marleen Geyen

The best part of me shows up in my writing about business ownership, leadership, family, personal relationships, travel and what I learn from human interaction.