How often have you heard “what is that word again” from someone you know in the last few weeks? I have heard this, and the woman asking is frequently me. Yet, for the life of me, there are moments when the right word, the right tone, and the proper spelling seem an unreachable task.

I believe that what comes with brain drain is the right word drain. Word drain makes sense to me. When we are so busy thinking and doing and other people and making it all come together, our thoughts are tired.

Spell-check was a good tool for a season, along with a dictionary and now Grammarly. The tools are out there to assist in spelling, definition, and correct usage.

I might have easily sloughed it off, even when wrong terms or spelling appeared in my writings, until I began to get serious about who the reader was and what I wanted the reader to understand and learn from my posts. Only then did the words I post become highly significant, conveying my earnest intent.

I still get it wrong sometimes, the grammar correctness of it all.

And I confess, I make up words and use what I call background slang. Terms I grew up with, to mix it up a bit.

I encourage you to write down your thoughts. No need to post, but write to organize your world with words and expressions of yourself. Surprisingly, this is a way you can show up for yourself.

And I highly applaud you for continuing and keeping writing. Make it a lifelong habit.

The tools are out there to use for correctness and understandability.

The bottom line to remember is this:

The right words are the words that work for you.



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Marleen Geyen

The best part of me shows up in my writing about business ownership, leadership, family, personal relationships, travel and what I learn from human interaction.