Marleen Geyen
2 min readJul 29, 2022



What is the best answer to a question?

The secret is not knowing everything; it is using what we know well.

Face it, we cannot know everything about everything, but we have life experience and knowledge of many things. So the quest is to make what we know alive and personal to others, especially when asked.

Have you read Gladwell’s “Talking to Strangers”? If you have, you will see many reasons why we do not understand one another. Facial expressions, culture, where we live, and why we live…..You get it. Lots of variables, BUT we have knowledge and experience, thoughts and feelings, and we have made good past decisions.

We are capable of good answers.

Answers are based on reasonable use of what we know.

Last Sunday, we had a Mac & Cheese Contest at our home. I knew our four kids and their families were friendly, interactive, creative, and fun. This I knew.

When planning, I asked myself, how can I set it up for Sunday afternoon to be memorable?

I planned with a focus on what I already knew about the kids. I wanted to use what I learned while planning and when everyone came to enjoy Mac & Cheese recipes.

We know more than we think about answering questions intelligently, adding remarks that stick and resonate with another person.

What do you know? What is the best use of what you know when asked? Think about these two questions.

Best use is essential, especially in the world we live in today.

In person, on social media, and in print, best use of what we know every time.



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