All technicians who work with me wear blue shirts with white lettered company identification, company logoed caps, and tan pants.

It is their work uniform and worn every time on the job.

Security guards and customer contacts want to see our uniform at their site. It signifies that we are there, no matter who is in the uniform. The uniform tells the story of background checks, trained techs, and the excellent outcome of clean carpet.

We all wear a uniform. And the uniform we wear changes some from personal lifestyle to professional while always keeping the essence of the person.

Example: check out the uniforms of financial planners, bankers, baristas, plumbers, school teachers, university students. And then, think about the people you know: executives, car salespeople, and tattoo artists.

Sure they appear in shirts, jackets, dress slacks when at the office, but even when they are at the beach, you might catch a glimpse of their uniforms. Tattoo people keep it colorful no matter where they are.

The point of this post is to recognize that we all wear a uniform. We dress for the position, what is expected, and then add our personal touch at work or home.

Me; I call my uniform “farm chic .”At professional or personal events, you will find me in boots and, in most instances, jeans.

I do think it is essential to understand the uniform someone wears.

It is a shortcut in communication and learning a few details about another, no matter how small.

Do we care? I believe we do.



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