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2 min readJun 29, 2022



Yesterday I spoke with a guy who was talking about selling his product in several facilities. He said that he meets with the front desk attendant or secretary for product purchase decisions or, if he is lucky, “someone of importance” his words, not mine.

And what followed was a few more disrespectful adjectives.

I was speechless! It took a few moments to catch myself and continue with the phone call.

My story is not about political correctness. Today I am not writing a word about p.c. No, this is about a belief that is so deep, so entrenched that the person spewing this crap is not even aware of what is wrong with his values. What is wrong with him?

Words can be superior. And in this case, I had the opportunity to respond.

I spoke no negative, hateful, critical words but the language of strength, encouragement, value determining, and respect.

Below are a few words I responded with to explain what I am emphasizing here.

Individual, friend, person, decision-maker, authority, partner, relationship.

All words that support human value without a “can you honestly believe position determines value” confrontation.

Words are superior, specifically when used to support, encourage, promote, and clarify value.

I never plan to disagree when attending an event or appointment, although sometimes I do, and then, I work at explaining, describing, and uplifting without confrontation.

My all-time favorite soapbox message is about treating employees and colleagues with respect, encouragement, and kindness. …….

This guy got the message loud and clear. And it showed because his tone and word usage changed the next minute. How terrifically wonderful if this short conversation started him on the awareness of “hey, everyone deserves respect” path.

I may not be able to change the world or my neighbor, but I am responsible for myself and the words that flow from my mouth. And this gives me hope that one word, one thoughtful word, might cause another person to stop, think and raise the bar on respect, love, life, and community.

Words are superior when used excellently!



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