Where to Land the helicopter

The big black helicopter was hovering in the air but could not find the markings for a safe landing. The 10-story building with the helipad was where the pilot focused on setting the bird down.

The experienced pilot could not see the bright white bold lines painted on the roof-top, guiding the accomplished pilot to a safe landing. Not all that easy amid several looming skyscrapers and the crisscross paths of utility lines.

Why would I be writing about helicopter pilots and landing on roofs? Because cleaning is what we do. We clean helipads on the ground or roof. Not easy, sure, but so satisfying. Our job is complete once the painted safety markings are restored to bright white and easily identified.

We are getting the word out. Helipad cleaning is what we do. And the why is that this is a service where safety is paramount.

Safety, Safety, Safety is the number one reason to keep the helipad clean. But, let’s also talk about maintenance. The reason is that when the roof material is paid attention to, keeping the fabric clean and free of debris and exhaust markings, it will last longer.

We began cleaning helipads when one of our accounts saw the need and asked us to take care of it. At first, it was WOW, ten stories up, equipment preparation and safety drills for staff, the exhilaration of being that high up, cleaning that showed within the first minute, and knowing this service makes a huge difference. It was an ah-ha moment.

But the best part was the reaction and happiness of our account contact, who was thrilled with the results.

Helipad cleaning isn’t for everyone. It is high and weighty, and staff needs to be on board with the service.

I want to add a couple of images to this newsletter. In these images, you will see helipad cleaning in action.

Is this new territory for you? We are available to walk you through the process and available to answer your questions.

After all…

Your Cleaning Matters,



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