Every few days, I read why staffing is a significant headache for zillions of businesses. Unfortunately, the reasons are valid and severe.

Too late, too slow, too unworkable, too independent, too money-wanting, too unrealistic, too many false expectations and the list expands,

If I had the magic formula, I believe I would be on prime-time news every day in every city.

The truth is that I do not have a magic formula, but I do have a proven track record of keeping employees.

Last night we had an employee event. From the laughing, yelling, and air-punching, I took that to mean it was successful, which got me thinking about staff hiring, keeping, and productivity.

I am writing this short page to give the reader, you, my two cents worth of experience hiring and keeping staff. Hoping you will get something you can work on within your business.

MOST IMPORTANT: love your employees. Yes, I love them! Do you ask about their interests or consider the small talk a waste of time. Are you too busy to connect by looking everyone in the eye when they are near?

Hire friends of good employees. And sometimes, this is family. I shuttered to do this the first time. But now I find that friends and family are good hires. They have similar attributes and work ethics. Hiring from within changed my business from lackadaisical to efficient and trustworthy.

Have small events that employees like, not what you want. I have a whole different set of likes, and when I tried a few, they bombed. So, ok, lesson learned. Before I or my GM schedules a staff event/fun time, we stop and check to be sure this is all about them and not for our benefit. And this goes for the food, activity, and time of day.

Back to last night. I was thrilled by the reception of the raffle, where everyone wins. I know that happiness breeds goodwill, and for sure, our building held much pleasure yesterday.

These events are all about the staff, but sometimes I feel like a mouse in the corner, not seen but receiving a gigantic basket of benefits.

Let’s summarize what works. Love your staff. Plan activities they enjoy. Hire from within whenever it makes sense.

Then you can expect people to show up once the word gets out that you are the person to work with, and I am talking about working with and not working for; please understand that your terminology matters.

Start today with the current people on payroll and wait for good results.



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